When weather conditions are at their worst, we at Wayne’s Roofing, Inc. are at our best! Since our inception in 1969, our customers have been confident knowing their buildings and assets have been protected from the elements. We have built a foundation based on trust, quality, and commitment to our customer satisfaction. Only superior roofing products that have been proven performers are applied by our experienced roofing technicians.

In an era when technological change is a daily occurrence, it is important to be well informed. Wayne's Roofing, Inc. is committed to the roofing industry and makes a special effort to keep abreast of new ideas and techniques that affect our profession. Through active involvement in major trade groups and the attendance of periodic seminars and training classes, we at Wayne’s Roofing, Inc. stay on top of the latest technological trends, regulatory issues, and industry developments while continually striving to improve the efficiency of our services and increase the value to our customers.

At Wayne's Roofing, Inc., we have the experience and knowledge needed to satisfy your roofing needs. From conception through completion we work with our clients, as partners, to ensure total job satisfaction. Our staff, which has a collective total of over 100 years in the roofing industry, will provide you with a roofing system tailored to your needs. Through pre-job planning and coordination we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure our planned schedule goes hand and hand with all partners involved. While in progress, our project management team will provide the necessary controls in order for the job to run smoothly, efficiently, and on time.


Wayne's Roofing, Inc. services both public and private sectors; primarily in the commercial, industrial, retail, and warehouse markets. We are a full service contractor licensed in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Utah. We have performed work in 7 western states, acting as either a prime contractor or as a sub-contractor. Our main market area is in Washington from Centralia to Everett, along the I-5 corridor.

World Vision Building 1,  2016

World Vision Building 1,  2016

Wayne Wetherbee had a dream of being the best roofing contractor in the state. In 1969, after working for another roofing contractor, Wayne, with his wife Kitty Wetherbee, took the steps to follow their dream of owning their own roofing company. Wayne sold Kitty’s El Camino in exchange to buy roofing equipment and opened the doors for Wayne’s Roofing, Inc. Wayne operated his new business from a small shop behind a single wide trailer where he and Kitty lived. He gained a solid customer base by creating and building relationships. His handshake was his word. His clients knew that he could be trusted to perform quality work and meet the commitments of the project.  From his start in 1969 to his passing in 2000, Wayne turned Kitty’s old El Camino into a successful $8 million dollar roofing company that was, and still is, regarded as one of the most professional and reliable roofing companies in the state of Washington.

A great part of Wayne’s success was his ability to cultivate a great team of individuals at all levels of the company that could work well together as a “Team”.  His motto was, “It doesn’t matter if you’re the Janitor or the President, it takes everyone to get the job done and everyone’s job is equally important”. Prior to Wayne’s passing in 2000 he set the stage for Don Guthrie to lead the company. Don was the neighbor kid that started working at Wayne’s when he was 14 and has now been with the company for over 45 years. Don worked his way up through all of the levels, from loading trucks, installing roofs, sales, Vice President, to President and Owner of Wayne’s Roofing.  Don’s strong structure, conservative nature, hard work, and commitment to this company, the industry, and the individuals within the company, was and is still instrumental to the success of the “Wayne’s Team”. Rod, Wayne’s youngest son, was also set to be in leadership, by Wayne. Rod started age of 12 offloading trucks working his way up through Sales Manager to now Executive Vice President and Owner of Wayne’s Roofing. Rod shares many traits as his father for creating relationships and taking risks.  Between Rod and Don, they form a unique balance to make sure the company isn’t taking abnormal risk nor that they are too conservative that they inhibit company growth. Throughout the years both Don and Rod worked on maintaining and growing the Wayne's Roofing Team, using the philosophy Wayne started, while adding additional value to the company.

In 2014, realizing the importance of succession, two long-term employees were given the opportunity to join ownership of the company. Both Brian Butler and Dan Johnson started with Wayne’s Roofing back in 1987, while still in high school. Dan continued working with the company through college and currently serves as Vice President of Operations. Brian also worked through college and after graduation, he branched out. Brian eventually came back in 1999, working his way up to the Vice President of Sales. There is great confidence that the current and future team leaders will continue the Wayne's Roofing legacy and beliefs, where, “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”.   

Today, the Wayne’s Roofing team is made up of over 120 committed team members, with many in excess of 10 years of service. Wayne’s specializes in new construction, reroof, professional roof maintenance, and waterproofing on commercial projects. With the efforts of everyone on this team, the current volume now exceeds $30 million dollars annually.  

Through active involvement in many major trade groups such as RCAW, NRCA, AGC, BOMA and many others, Wayne’s Roofing continues to strive to be a leader in this ever changing roofing industry.