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 When Safety is your Top Priority - Fall Protection is our Answer

Meet DOSH WAC 296-155-24601 and OSHA 1910.23 requirements with a Fall Protection System installed by our trained professionals at Wayne's Roofing, Inc.

Wayne's Roofing, Inc. takes pride in being a leader in safety. We have a superior safety rating of .5387 (lower is better). Our employees go through an extensive Guardian fall protection training program and have taken OSHA's Occupational and Safety Training Course intended to prevent falls and injuries from occurring on your building.

What is Fall Protection and how it can benefit you?

Fall Protection Systems are for high and low sloped roofs that are intended to prevent/protect workers, or anyone on your roof, from falls and injuries.

  • Whether the building is receiving HVAC service, gutter cleaning etc., building owners and employers are required to protect their workers.
  • Falls are a common cause of work related injury. With a fall protection system, building owners and employers can help prevent potential lawsuits and injury claims.

Types of Fall Protection Systems:

Restraint mechanisms – Intended to keep the worker from getting to the edge where the fall can take place

  • Anchor systems
  • Lifeline systems

Fall arrest systems – Intended to stop the fall after it happens

  • Netting
  • Anchor Systems
  • Lifeline Systems

Guardrail systems – Provides a barrier between workers and the building edge

  • Rigid rail systems
  • Free standing rail systems

Where to Install Fall Protection: