What is the Client Portal and how can you benefit from it?

To better serve our clients, Wayne's Roofing, Inc. allows current customers to manage and track their roofing services through our Client Portal database on our website at no additional cost. The portal can be accessed on any computer with internet access and most smart phones 24/7! This allows our clients to stay organized and informed with their buildings roofing service history.

Through the Client Portal, users may:

  • See shared documents
  • View the work history on your buildings
  • Track, view and print invoices
  • View the status of current work
  • Request service online 24/7
  • Report leaks online 24/7

Questions about the Client Portal?  Please fill out the form on our FAQ page or contact Shannon Parsons at 253.863.4455

Access your Client Portal

Are you a current client and are ready to reap the benefits of online roof management with your company's complementary Client Portal? Please fill out the form below or call Shannon Parsons at 253.863.4455.