Wayne's Roofing, Inc. Receives Safety Award from AGC of Washington for 2016

Our fantastic experience modification rate (EMR), which has been lower than average for over 10 years, and high performance in terms of premium refunds are directly related to our ability to establish and maintain safety on each and every job site. Remember that a Low EMR is a good EMR! Coupled with the safety culture is what you do when an injury occurs from accident investigation, safety policy and practice review, to light duty accommodation.

It is no easy feat to maintain a low EMR year after year and Wayne's Roofing, Inc. has maintained a 10-year average EMR at .68! This demonstrates that commitment to safety is, hands down, a top priority for our team that is practiced every day. 

We feel privileged to be recognized by a prestigious organization like AGC of Washington for our longstanding commitment to excellence in both safety and claims management programs!


To the right is Donald D. Guthrie, President of Wayne's Roofing, Inc. accepting our 2016 Safety Award from the AGC of Washington.

Thank you to the AGC of Washington for the honor. We strive to impress you for another year as a Top Performer For Safety and Claims Management in 2017!