Reroof & Recover Wayne's Roofing Seattle WA

What is the difference?


Description: A reroof is when the pre-existing roof is removed (tear off) from an existing building and a new roofing system is installed.

Things to consider:

  • Comes with more performance reliability
  • Underlying damage can be detected and corrected
  • May require insulation upgrades


Description: A recover is installing a new roofing system over the pre-existing roof with no tear off.

Things to consider:

  • Underlying damage will not be found
  • The roof will not be exposed to the elements
  • Insulation upgrades may not be required

Reroof & Recover Wayne's Roofing Seattle WA

Reroof or Recover?

Choosing between a reroof and recover is situational dependent however, Wayne’s Roofing recommends that any time you are able to uncover the deck and reroof, it is beneficial since it allows us to detect and correct underlying damage preventing you from unforeseen issues in the long-run. Fill out a request form and an experienced roofing technician will contact you to help decipher which service is best for your building. 

Why choose Wayne’s Roofing, Inc. to perform your reroof or recover?

Wayne’s Roofing specializes in reroofs and recovers. We ensure that your deck will stay watertight from conception to completion.

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