There are many types of warranties that contractors and manufacturers sell to promote their product or service. It is important for the customer to understand what they are buying. Many contractors and manufacturers market long extended warranties. 

Wayne's Roofing, Inc. would much rather see you invest in long-term roof performance and roof maintenance. See our PRIME Program for more information. 

The following are warranties that contractors and manufacturers may provide:

This warranty usually covers all products (roofing related) above the roofing deck, i.e. insulation, cover board, fasteners and membranes. It also covers labor for roof replacement. This warranty typically covers the entire cost of roof replacement, but be sure to ask prior to committing to the roof project. It is the owner’s responsibility to provide periodic annual maintenance to keep a warranty valid. Wayne's Roofing, Inc. offers this service through our PRIME maintenance programs at a minimal charge.

Many manufacturers will advertise longer warranties and say that their warranty has a duration of 15 years and if you have your roof inspected after the initial period and perform necessary work that is not covered under the original warranty the manufacturer will extend the warranty for the additional five year period. However, the manufacturer will not point out the fine print. Make sure you understand your warranty and what your responsibilities and cost will be.

This warranty is just that. If your roof fails, this warranty will provide you new material that is typically pro-rated. If the expected life of the roof is 20 years and it lasts 10 years, the manufacturer may provide you 50% of the value of the material at the original time of application. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay for roof removal and installation.

This is a labor and material warranty for installation. Although some contractors promote longer term contractor warranties, it is important to understand that most contractors typically offer two years.  After the first two years, the manufacturer's warranty typically kicks in.

If you are not sure what your warranty covers, Wayne's Roofing, Inc. is here to help. Call one of our representatives at 253.863.4455 and we will do all that we can to assist you in the warranty selection process.